I remember an 8 year old little in jeans and a t-shirt covered in bug spray and pissed at the world. The soybeans were dripping wet from the morning dew and man did they itch. The boots she lugged along in were caked with mud. It was early, too freaking early. “I’m never marrying a farmer!”

Yep, that was me and guess what? I married a farmer. I tried, I really did. When he said he wanted to farm, I suggested everything I knew out of the ag industry. How on earth could this city kid want to farm? He obviously had this fairytale vision of what it meant to be a farmer because nobody in their right mind would WANT to do this. And yet, here he was.

Unlike him, I grew up on a farm. Farming was only one of at least three jobs my dad did year round. Those soybeans we walked, they were nothing compared to the corn we swam through in search of horse weeds that were taller than the corn stalks and big enough around you needed a chain saw to cut them down. I did such a good job eradicating those weeds that the neighbor hired me to walk his fields. Oh yay, go me!

I lived on the farm during the 1980s, during the sell of the cattle and pigs and then during the sale of the equipment. Yes, I told my future husband all of that. My dad tried to talk him out of it too, and he still was certain farming is what he wanted to do.

So I married that boy and he became a farmer. I went from a farmer’s daughter to a farmer’s wife. Do I like it any better than those early mornings in the bean field? Most days I do. Like any profession, there are ups and downs. It’s the days when the ups outweigh the downs that really count. On the days our daughters walk one of our calves in the show ring, the pride overflows. On the days the brown stalks go through through the head and the golden yellow corn comes out of the auger, the pride overflows. On the nights we go to bed knowing we made it through another day in this industry, the pride overflows. There is no better life than the farm life.

I hope you will follow my journey as a farm wife and farm mother. I’ll talk about the good, the bad and the ugly. There will even be some fun stuff along the way too.